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Dented offers paintless car dent repair service. A quick, cost-effective, environmentally friendly process to remove unsightly, bothersome dents, and dings from one of life’s largest investments – your vehicle! Is paint missing or has an impact caused a larger dent than we can fix? NO PROBLEM, Dented is more than happy to suggest one of our hundreds of repairs partners located throughout this great country!

Car dent repair services from Dented

Paintless dent repair is a highly skilled trade best conducted by a VALE Certified technician.  The process involves specialized lighting, a variety of handcrafted tools, and keen hand/eye coordination, and years of practice. Vale Certified technicians slowly massage the underside of the dents and gradually release the pressure within the metal of the dent. Alternatively, if the underside of the dent cannot be accessed properly, technicians will use a glue tab system that “pulls” the dent back into its original position. Rock chip repair and other processes do not affect your factory paint nor require replacing your vehicle’s panels.

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Ask us if your technician is VALE Certified? Did you know that Vale Certification has four levels of accomplishment ranging from Journeyman to Master Craftsman?  What level is your technician?

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Customer Testimonials about our Paint Removal Company

I recently brought my car in for some dent removal work and was very pleased with the results. The staff were very friendly and my car was finished on time and on budget.


Just thought I would take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with my recent visit to Dented. I brought in my Wife’s 2013 VW Passat with a dent in the passenger’s front door. I found your organization to be very professional, accommodating, and fast. I left a short while later totally satisfied with the experience!


I just wanted to share the great experience that I had at the Airdrie location. I was greeted when I first came in and the fellow that helped me was super friendly and knew what he was doing. He was able to schedule me an appointment quite quickly and was.


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