Auto Body Enviro-Technology®

Be sustainable in everything. Choose our services for repairing dents, scratches, and other minor defects that do not harm the environment and do not require the replacement of external parts of your vehicle.

Auto Body Enviro-Technology®: What Is It?

Auto Body Enviro-Technology® is an innovative, environmentally friendly method of repairing vehicle exterior panels, such as door dents, minor car dents, and hail damage. At the same time, it preserves the original factory finish – that’s why this technology is approved by insurance companies, which makes it a leader in the auto repair field.

Benefits You Get with Auto Body Enviro-Technology®

Classic methods of restoration painting of cars are often expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, they cause significant harm to our planet. It’s time to start choosing what’s best for you and the environment. Find out what benefits you will get by choosing Auto Body Enviro-Technology®, which is implemented by our paintless car dent repair service.


Transform your lifestyle into a greener one. With Auto Body Enviro-Technology®, you will make a restoration procedure harmless for the environment.

Non-invasive approach

Eliminate primary intervention as part of restoration services. We use only a non-invasive approach that minimizes contact with the body of your car.

Guaranteed result

Get the best result and guarantee for repairs – insurance agencies approve and recommend our technology for restoring defects in external car panels.

Certified specialists

Get high-end vehicle repair service from Dented professionals armed with skills honed over years of practice.


Spend less than with ordinary painting – we will carefully examine your car’s coverage to make only spot repairs and, thus, save your money.

Top-quality service

Reduce your time expenses – send us photos and videos of defects first. We will perform a preliminary inspection of your car’s body damage to estimate the costs.

Time efficiency

Receive your refreshed car in a matter of several hours to several days. We will do our best to repair it as fast as possible.
Read more about how to get dent out of a car on the website.

Why Choose Auto Body Enviro-Technology® from Us

Order our services for restoring the exterior panels of your car to save your time, money, and the environment. All our specialists have four-level VALE certificates, so we will provide you with the one that will fix your problem in the best way. Leave a request on our website, and we will process it as soon as possible. After that, our manager will contact you to clarify all the details.
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