Minor Dents

Identifying Minor Dents

A Minor Dent, is a dent that has a diameter larger than 50 mm. These dents are typically caused by impacts from baseballs, basketballs, resting elbows, hip checks, parking lot bumper rubs, ect. Sometimes vehicle body lines, and sharp corners near the dent, result in cracked paint at time of impact. An assessment of the dent is required. Since minor dents are larger in size, they do take longer to work out, and very often require polishing due to impact scratching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minor dents can be caused by things like elbows bumping into your vehicle, basketballs, baseballs, other sporting equipment hitting or bumping your vehicle, hip checks, parking lot bumper rubs, and many other things. Whatever the cause, paintless dent repair can make the dent disappear.

We define a minor dent as something with a diameter larger than 50mm. Minor dents are generally able to be repaired with paintless dent repair. However, it depends on the depth, if the metal has creased or twisted, and the complexity of the dent to be able to be repaired by paintless dent repair.

This depends on the severity of the dent and the condition of the paint but typically yes. In some cases, when a dent occurs along a body line or a sharp corner the paint can have a tendency to crack. If the paint cracks, you will need to have the panel repainted or conventionally repaired.

This depends on the severity of the scratches, the condition of the paint, and how bad the dent is. When it comes to your paint, most minor impact scratching in the clear coat can be easily polished out. If the paint is scratched down to the metal or has cracked from the initial impact it should be repainted to avoid any future rust issues that could occur.

This depends on the location of the dent and the severity of it. Most minor dents can be repaired in a few hours or within a day. If a dent is very complex and difficult to access, it may take more time to repair.

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