If you are a car owner, you may have heard about such a phenomenon as paintless dent repair (PDR), which can replace expensive repairs and painting in a regular workshop. Today, we decided to answer the most popular questions about quality paintless dent repair in detail.

Will the Renovated Place Look Perfect After Paintless Dent Repair?

The specialist’s experience and skills and the dent’s size and severity play a significant role in how well your car’s damaged area will be repaired. If you turn to professionals, you can expect that, in most cases, the places where there was damage will smooth out as if nothing happened. There are cases when it is more difficult to repair damage without visible signs of repair, such as large or stretched dents. At the same time, an experienced expert will do everything possible to ensure that such damage is as invisible as possible.

It is best for you to immediately ask the specialist what result you should expect. If a specialist can’t answer you clearly and satisfactorily, you should continue searching for a more experienced PDR workshop until you find someone who suits you.

Can a Dent Come Back After Paintless Repair?

quality paintless dent repair (PDR)
The answer is no. The damaged panels that the craftsmen repair using paintless dent repair technology will keep their shape, and the dents will not return. The PDR technique involves returning the metal panels of your car to their original shape before the damage occurs. At the same time, they use specialized tools that can’t damage the paint.

What Will the Vehicle Look Like after Repairing Hail Damage Paintless?

If your car is caught in a hailstorm, it may have dozens of dents and other damage. An experienced master of the dent removal company will be able to return the shape of your body to the same condition it was before the car was hit by hail. At the same time, you should remember that damage to paint or glass that was not included in the estimate will not be repaired, but everything related to dents will look perfect.

It is worth noting that if the technicians discover hail damage or dents that they cannot repair perfectly, they must inform you about this in advance.

Is There a Point in Using PDR If Your Car’s Cover Is Already Damaged?

Everything depends on what you decide for yourself. Regardless of whether your car’s paint is damaged or not, a technician can still repair the dent so that the area looks perfect. Once your car’s body is repaired, you can either touch up the chips yourself, for example, with spray paint, or you can go to a traditional auto repair shop to have them paint the entire panel for you.

Should I Use Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) If the Repair Can’t Be Done Perfectly?

As the car owner, you must make your own decision regarding the quality and price of repair work that will leave you satisfied. You can get an almost complete repair of dents and defects, or you can go to a traditional shop where they will repaint the entire car. The trick is whether you are ready to drive a vehicle with micro defects or a perfect one but invest a lot of money.