Hail Damage Repair

Assessing Hail Damage

All vehicles requiring hail repair will need to be assessed beforehand by a Dented associate for time and cost estimates. These assessments can take up to one hour and are provided free of charge. The client may then schedule a convenient time to have their hail damage repair booked at one of our Calgary, Edmonton or Red Deer Alberta locations, as well as any other Western Canadian city through our affiliated partner body shop locations.

How Does Hail Damage a Vehicle?

Hail Damage affects mostly the horizontal panels on a vehicle: the hood, the roof, the trunk, the tops of the front fenders, and the tops of the rear quarter panels. The size and depth of the dents are determined by the size of the hail stone. If the storm includes strong blowing winds, the side of the vehicle facing the wind will also be hail damaged and require hail repair.

Hail that can damage your car

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The Process of Hail Damage Removal

In providing hail repair, most trim components must be removed to allow access to the backside of the metal. The headliner on the interior of the vehicle must be removed or dropped down for the roof panel access. The hood and trunk are sometimes removed and attached to a portable stand for easy dent access and removal. Front headlights are removed to provide access to the backsides of the front fenders. Rear taillights are removed to provide access to the backside of the rear quarter panel. Access on the side doors is done through the window opening, an area between the door glass and the door skin.

Most hail stones are shaped like golf balls, so they make a round dent in the metal. The dent is removed by using our massaging process, where little pushes are made to move a small portion of metal at a time. This massaging process starts in the center of the dent, and is used over the entire diameter of the dent, until the metal is returned to its original position on the panel. Each dent is removed by the same process one at a time.

Hail damage dent removal

Some areas of the vehicle do not allow access to the backside of the metal, and a different process is required for those types of dents. A pulling process, which uses plastic tabs, shaped to fit hail dents, and hot glue, pull the metal back into position from the paint side. This process is designed for use on factory paint, as the paint is more durable that what a body shop can provide.

Hail does not just limit itself to the body panels; it damages mouldings as well. Today’s vehicles have a lot of mouldings that add to the car’s overall look. These are made out of a thinner gauge of metal, and can damage very easily. Hail damaged mouldings are not repaired in the massage method, but are removed and replaced with new ones.

The hail repair process on a vehicle is very time consuming, and repairs are estimated in days. Also this method can be used for door dings repair and small damage repair. If you want to know hail damage repair cost, contact our manager.

Comparison: Paintless Dent Repair & Traditional Dent Repair
Paintless Dent Repair
Price starts from $125 per ø 1″ Yes
You can check if there was a repair No
No painting or body filler needed Yes
Matches the color 100%
Door Dings repair time A Day
Hail Damage repair time 1-2 Days
Minor Dents repair time 2-3 Hours to a Day
Traditional Dent Repair
Price starts from $125 per ø 1″ No
You can check if there was a repair Yes
No painting or body filler needed No
Matches the color 90%
Door Dings repair time 3-5 Days
Hail Damage repair time 1-2 Weeks
Minor Dents repair time 3-5 Days
Before and after

Here is a series of photos we have taken before and after the work is done. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what we can do for your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4 puertas Coupé
Honda Civic
Audi Q8
Subaru Impreza
Nissan GT-R
We service the following brands of cars

Frequently Asked Questions about Hail Damage Car Repair

In almost all cases, yes. Occasionally we come across hail damage that is too severe or stretched, in which case we would do what we call a combination repair where we massage out the panels that can be repaired through paintless dent repair and the panels that cannot be repaired with our methods would be set up for a traditional repair with the body shop of your choice.

Depending on the number of dents, yes. We will do an assessment of a hail damage repair cost based on the number of dents and the severity of the dents. If your vehicle is too badly damaged or has an extremely large number of dents it may need to have a panel replaced as it will be more cost effective.

Yes your roof can be repaired with paintless dent repair. Our technicians usually need to drop the headliner and sunroof if applicable in order to gain access to the back side of the roof panel. From there the dents are carefully massaged out of the roof panel for a seamless repair keeping your factory paint intact.

Modern vehicles have a number of mouldings to add to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. These mouldings are often made of hard plastic or a thin gauge of metal and cannot be repaired with paintless dent repair. Mouldings that have been damaged by hail are normally just removed and replaced with new ones in the repair process.

Hail damage can take up to a few days to repair. Given the large number of dents and the multiple areas that need to be accessed in order to repair the dents, it can be a time consuming process for both the repair and the preparation involved. Depending on the situation, paintless dent repair for hail damage can still be a cost effective alternative to a conventional dent repair and keeps your factory paint in tact.

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