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Hailstorm Alley: Where is it and What Does It Mean for Your Car?

Download Hailstorm Alley Infographic Are hailstorms ruining your car while driving your insurance rates up? Each year, Albertans are faced with disheartening hail storms resulting in severe hail damage across the province.  In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the most devastating hail storms in [...]

Hail Repair to Deal with Calgary’s unusual weather

Every summer, there are multiple hailstorm occurrences in Alberta and the Calgary area. Each leaves in its wake damage to property amounting to millions of dollars. Out of all provinces in Canada, Alberta records the highest number of hailstorms. It is not a wonder that the region also [...]

Finding a Good Auto Body / Dent Repair Company

Auto accidents may be common but they usually do not happen to the same person over and over again. This means that when your car is involved in a collision you may not know where or how to get it fixed. Which is where we come in, we [...]

What Is the Auto Hail Damage Repair Process?

Alberta Spring and Summer Hail Damage In central Alberta, the weather system during spring/summer causes a lot of fields, homes, and vehicle damage. Hail starts from a harmless snowfall, it grows to pebbles and eventually the size a golf ball or a tennis ball. The largest measurement of [...]

Accident Repair Can be a Nightmare Even with Insurance

Having your car repaired in a not so reputable body repair shop can be inconvenient. Sure, you might get a lower rate, but at the expense of usually shoddy work. Of course, your insurance company would not like to pay twice for a service that should have only [...]

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