Car Scratch Dent Repair

Car scratches can be a frustrating and unsightly issue that every vehicle owner faces at some point. Fortunately, there are various methods for repairing these imperfections, each tailored to the specific type of damage.

Let’s delve into the different types of such damages and the methods to address car scratch repair in Calgary effectively. Whether it’s minor scuffs or deep paint scratches, understanding the nuances of repair techniques can help you make informed decisions to restore your vehicle’s appearance.

Methods of Car Scratch Dent Repair

Scaffs on the car
Scuffs—are superficial marks often caused by contact with soft objects. These can usually be eliminated with a gentle abrasive compound and careful buffing. Regular car wax can then be applied to protect the treated area.
Clear coat scratches on the car
Clear coat scratches—they only affect the outermost layer of paint protection. Polishing compounds and microfiber cloths can be employed to gently remove these scratches without compromising the paint layer underneath.
Removing paint scratches from car
Paint scratches—deeper than clear coat scratches, paint scratches penetrate the color layer. Depending on the depth, these can be treated with touch-up paint, followed by wet sanding and polishing to blend the repair seamlessly.
Repairing of deep car scratches
Deep paint scratches—the most challenging, deep paint scratches reach the primer or metal beneath the paint. Professional car scratch dent repair is recommended for these scratches. They might require fillers, priming, painting, and clear coat application to restore the surface to its original state.

Dented’s Professional Car Scratch Repair in Calgary

At Dented, we specialize in delivering high-quality car scratch repair services in Calgary for various types of scratches. Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle scuffs, clear coat scratches, paint scratches, and even deep paint scratches. We utilize cutting-edge technologies, such as paintless dent repair, and proven techniques to ensure your vehicle’s exterior is flawlessly restored.

Scratch Type Complexity Level Car Scratch Repair Cost
Scuffs Low Price starts from $125 per ø 1”
Clear Coat Scratches Low to Moderate Price starts from $125 per ø 1”
Paint Scratches Moderate Price starts from $125 per ø 1”
Deep Paint Scratches High Custom Quote

Advantages working with us

Before and After Removing Scratches from Car

Here is a series of photos we have taken before and after the removing scratches from car is done. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what we can do for your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4 puertas Coupé
Honda Civic
Audi Q8
Subaru Impreza
Nissan GT-R
We service the following brands of cars

Car Scratch Repair Frequently Asked Questions

This is something that really depends on the severity, nature and complexity of the dent. Dent repair starts at $125 to repair a dent about 1 inch in diameter. That price increases as the size or complexity of the dent increases as well. If you were to have the dent repaired with the traditional process and factor in the cost of body fillers and paint, it is much more expensive than paintless dent repair.

Yes, Dented can handle insurance claims. We are Proud to be a repair partner for The Co-operators insurance and an approved vendor for Wawanesa Insurance.

The Dented experience is similar to that of visiting a body shop from damage assessment to repair, but differs in the actual dent repair services that we provide. At Dented, we specialize in paintless dent repair, we repair your dents without disturbing your vehicle’s factory paint. Our experts are certified paintless dent repair technicians and will provide a quality repair every time. However, some dents require the use of body fillers, paint to be used and other traditional body repair services. This is where a body shop is different from Dented. Traditional body shops are able to repair more significant damage but take longer to repair the damage and are generally more expensive.

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