What is paintless dent repair (PDR)?

PDR is a specialized automotive panel repair technique that removes dents without the need to paint.

How does paintless dent repair work

There are two primary methods used in PDR

1. The underside of the dent is accessed with the appropriate tool and pressure is gently applied in the proper manner and sequence.  This releases the stress in the metal and the dent, with encouragement, disappears.

2. The surface of the dent has a glue tab applied and the dent is “pulled” out.  This is an ideal method for dents that cannot be accessed from the underside (these panels are often referred to as “double panelled”).    

Will the dent come back?

No, once the stress is removed from the dent it no longer exists.

How do I know who to trust to repair my vehicle?

Good question.  There are number of indicators as to the quality and integrity of a dent repair company:

  • Do they look, act and treat you in a professional manner?
  • PDR companies that work onsite with insurance partners is a good indicator of integrity
  • Have they offered to waive your deductible? – this often indicates a less that trustworthy repair centre.
  • Can they provide quality references?
  • Do they have national contracts with insurance companies or large bodyshop organizations?
  • Are their technicians certified?

What is wrong with replacing panels and repainting my vehicle?

  • Nothing, if that is the most economical proper repair.  During the estimating process your insurance company will assesses many factors and determine the most appropriate repair.  As an insurance customer you should support and encourage the most affordable PROPER repair method keeping in mind that repair costs affect everyone.

Can I cash settle instead of repairing my vehicle?

  • Often this is an option.  Please consider this option with your eyes wide open – what happens to your vehicle’s trade-in value, is your vehicle leased, what happens if you get into a collision without repairing your hail damage that you cash settled on, what happens if you get into another damaging hail storm?   Your insurance representative will be happy to answer any of these questions and more.

What happens if Dented cannot repair a dent or the dent cracks?

  • This is the beauty of working with Dented- If any unforeseen event occurs during the repair of your vehicle, we ask for assistance from one of our 100+ bodyshop partners throughout Canada to repair that panel in the conventional method- at NO extra charge to the you!

Do you drill holes to fix my hail damage?

  • Dented does not approve or condone this method.

Which is better PDR? Or a conventional bodyshop repair?

  • The situation will determine which is most appropriate.
  • PDR is used because it is a fast, efficient, proper repair method retaining your factory paint!
  • Bodyshops are used in situations that are beyond the economics or abilities of PDR repair.
  • To reiterate an earlier answer – Insurance companies use the most economical PROPER repair method.

How long will my repair take?

  • This answer depends a number of variables – how much damage does your vehicle have, does your vehicle need parts ( door trim, windshield cowl etc.) and what is the availability of those parts, does a Dented bodyshop partner have repairs to do on your vehicle also?  These questions are an example of the ingredients that determine the length of repair needed.  Once we have all the information, we can give you an accurate idea of the length of time needed.

Can I take my vehicle anywhere for repair?

  • People generally shop for price and service.  The price is determined by the insurance company – so how’s our service?